© Chris Boynton, 2015 Regatta © Guido Cantini, 2015 Regatta © Ian Badley, 2015 Regatta © Ian Badley, 2015 Regatta
© Chris Boynton, 2015 British Classic Yacht Club Regatta
© Guido Cantini/Panerai, 2015 British Classic Yacht Club Regatta
© Ian Badley, 2015 British Classic Yacht Club Regatta
© Ian Badley, 2015 British Classic Yacht Club Regatta

The British Classic Yacht Club

The raison d'etre of the British Classic Yacht Club is its fleet of beautiful yachts built in traditional materials, on classic lines, to unique or limited production designs. It aims to promote the ownership, knowledge and appreciation of classic yachts and to preserve the enjoyment of them for future generations.

Britain has a rich heritage of beautiful classic yachts. Almost all are in private hands, which means that their preservation depends on the dedication and energy of individuals and their families, friends and crews.

Our Club motto is Per Ardua ad Marum ( Through hard work to the Sea )

Many of the most beautiful classic yachts were produced as one-designs or very small groups of sister yachts. They have not enjoyed the support of class associations and no club has responsibility for advancing the interests of this historic fleet of boats, The British Classic Yacht Club was formed in 2001 to fill this gap.

The BCYC fulfils its aims by providing a congenial environment for owners and other classic yacht enthusiasts to share experiences and enjoy each other's company, thus developing close, personal relationships between people involved with these beautiful boats. It creates opportunities for cruising in company, organises fair and exciting racing and promotes efficient development of the yachts. It also runs a lively programme of social events.

The membership of the BCYC now consists of more than 80 beautiful Classic yachts. Our members are active in both cruising and racing.

The flagship event is our highly successful annual regatta, held in Cowes each July. This is now the key Classic event of the British yachting season. In addition there is a full programme of racing, cruising and social activities, mainly in the Solent but also at Dartmouth and on the East Coast, including the popular East Coast Classic Regatta in early June. The season ends with the Laying-up Dinner held in London in November.

The BCYC is affiliated to the RYA, where it aims to represent the interests of classic yachts. It has developed good relationships with many leading yacht clubs in the UK and abroad and BCYC yachts participate in many important sailing events, including classic regattas on the Continent,  the Med and  the West Indies. Recently our members have crossed the Atlantic. The officers of the BCYC are actively involved in both national and international discussions about the future development of classic yachting.

In all these ways the BCYC has rapidly developed a unique, influential and important role in classic yachting in the U.K and abroad.

News in Brief

Panerai British Classic Week



The 2016 Regatta marked the 15th anniversary of the founding of the British Classic Yacht Club in 2002 when 10 yachts came to the starting line. This year over 60 yachts took place of which 40 were owned by BCYC members.

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Some Boat News

You may remember on the front of Classic Boat in February 2015, the "Three Sisters", being three matched classic Morgan Giles designed sloops being made ready for charter by enterprising David Foster (nee Quiver V). As a guest at a Committee Meeting of the Classic Yacht Association of Australia in Melbourne a couple of weeks later, and having spoken to David first, I presented the idea that the C.Y.A.A. Members might like to charter one or two of these yachts to join us at the Panerai BCYC in Cowes that Summer.

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