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071 Infanta

History of the Name INFANTA
InfantaInfanta was commissioned by Houlder Hudgins, fleet captain of the Indian Harbour Y.C., Connecticut in 1947. She was named Infanta after the Spanish flagship of the Havana fleet. An “infanta” is a Spanish princess who will not accede to the throne. The admiral of the original battleship "INFANTA" was good friends with the owner's father.

The story goes that on the night before going into battle during the Spanish American War, the admiral gave the ship's coat of arms to his friend. He also gave his friend, who was a budding news correspondent, information relating to the battle that would sink the battleship "INFANTA" on the following day. This launched the correspondent's career and recognition as a reporter. When his son had a yacht built, Infanta would be the name. So far not much is known of her history for the
first 40 years.


InfantaShe competed regulary with the iconic yachts of the day in races like the Bemuda Race, and was cruised by the family from India Harbour. Houlder Hudgens died in the mid '50's, and for 25 years her history is indistict.

In the 1981 she was acquired in a very dilapidated state having been left ashore for some time. This owner did a lot of work including new keel bolts, floors, reframing with laminated frames, refastening, rebuilding the forward coach-roof, new hull ceiling and cabin sole and sailed her extensively

In 1991 she came into the ownership of the Pease Classic Charter Company Inc. based in Chatham MA, comprising a Chatham boat yard called Pease Boat Works and The, who seem to have shared the task of looking after Infanta for seventeen years, during which time there has been continued renewal and improvement including a new mainmast, decks and engine, adding to the status of this fine yacht.

She was sailed and raced enthusiastically out of Chatham, often with a crew of youngsters. Thus she is held in fond memory by many of the local Chatham residents who grew up sailing on her.

In 2005 Mr ......... died, and the arrangement with Pease Boat Yard came to an end.

InfantaTim Blackman of the BCYC saw her advertised, and in late 2006, she was imported to the UK. After intensive restoration and remedial works in 2008/9 she competed in the 1st Transat Classique, racing from Brest to Agadir (Morroco)and across to St Barts.

After cruising the Caribbean, she returned to Connecticut, visiting India Harbour YC where she recieved a hero's welcome, and met again Bill Hudgins the son of the original owner, now 72 years old. She was sailed back to Cowes by September 2009. A new engine and mizzen mast.

InfantaNew owner from early 2012, John Hall, has immediately continued to keep up and improve Infanta, with new suit of sails, and structural work to the planking ahead of taking her to the Mediterranean to compete at the Regattes Royale de Cannes, Les Voilles de St Tropez and the Middle Sea Race 2013

Recent Race Awards
1993 Best of Sail Restoration Award: Museum of Yachting, Newport, Rhode Island

1993 First Place: Sails Around the Cape (new course record)

1993 First Place Class "G": Nantucket - Hyannis Figawi Race

Past Winner: Newport Classic Yacht Regatta

2000 First Place: Nantucket - Hyannis Figawi Race

2000 Best of Racing Class: Nantucket - Hyannis Figawi Race

2001 First Place: Nantucket - Hyannis Figawi Race

2008 First Prize, Je ne Sais Quoi, BCYC Regatta, Cowes

2008 Concourse d'Elegance Winner - Douarnernez

2009 5th place Transat Classique

2009 1st Vintage Class, St Maarteen

2009 1st Vintage Class (III) Antigua Classic

2009 Runner Up - Concourse d'Elegance Antigua Classics

2009 2nd Place, Antigua Classics Single-Handed Race.

2010 Best Classics, Concourse d'Elegance 1st Prize

2012 2nd, Je ne Sais Quoi, Panerai Classic Regatta, Cowes.


Yacht Description


John Hall


Philip Rhodes


One Off

Year Designed:


Year Built:



Krestzer Boatworks


15.5 m

xx ft


14.3 m

xx ft


3.58 m

xx ft


2.0 m

xx ft


9.76 m

xx ft

LOD/LWL Ratio:



14, 864 kgs

Thames Measurement:


Hull Material:


Hull Construction:


Hull Frames:



Keel Hung

Sail Material:


Deck & Superstructure:


Superstructure Profile:

Coachroof and Dog


Fully Fitted/Cruising




Aft Sloping


Bermudan Yawl

Engine Make:


Engine HP:


Engine Mounted:




Propeller Blades:


Mast Material:

Sitka Spruce

Mast Configuration:

Double Spreaders

Keel Configuration:


Keel Material: