BCYC 019 - Droleen II

Built 1948


Droleen II


One Design


Mahogany on Oak


8' 3"

Launch Date



Laurent Giles

Sail Plan

Bermuda Sloop


5' 3"


Tim & Ronnie Bennett


AH Moody


33' 6"


6.4 tons


J. Laurent Giles designed Droleen II in 1939 as the fourth yacht in his Brittany Class, of which were built 20, the first being Bettine. As a class the Brittanies are not only outstandingly elegant, sleek and beautiful on the water, but also wonderfully seaworthy and designed for safe and adventurous voyages.

Droleen has been in the ownership of Timothy Bennett since December 1996 when he purchased her in need of much attention.. Repairing, restoring and refitting a wooden yacht is an intrinsic part of owning and adoring a classic. Styles of restoration are varied from a modernisation incorporating recent technologies to improve a yacht's comfort and performance to a restoration which restores a classic to an attractive and sea worthy state. After sailing her for a season in order to ensure she was the yacht for him, Tim, together Mark Welch of Lowestoft, undertook her restoration. A stable yard at Tim's home in Old Burghelere, Hampshire, is where he and Mark Welch worked on the restoration of Droleen an estimated 9 months for completion was slightly over ambitious, the actual time taken running to 18 months! On 14th September 1999 Droleen was returned to the water. Tim's restoration seemed to embody Laurent Giles's principals. Nothing was replaced unless it was absolutely necessary, blemishes and imperfections endured through her lifetime are part of her endearing, capable character and it is these idiosyncrasies that Tim adores about Droleen II, capturing and preserving her individuality as a well-travelled 64-year-old lady but with a rejuvenating face-lift!

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