Yacht Name: Cetewayo




One Off 35’ Design


Carvel Teak & Mahogany



Launch Date



Laurent Giles

Sail Plan

Bermuda Sloop




David Murrin


Morris & Lorrimar


14.55 / 11.5 m




In 1955, Laurent Giles designed Zulu a 7/8 fractional Bermudan sloop, which was built on speculation by Morris and Lorimar on the Clyde, using teak below the waterline and mahogany for the topsides on oak frames. Upon completion, Zulu was sold to Sir Henry Spurrier, launched in 1957 and was raced on the Clyde. In her first season, gaining five firsts and only being out of the prize list once. From Sir Henry Spurrier, ownership then passed in 1962 to Brian Stuart who owned Zulu for almost two and half decades, when he commissioned a new yacht and renamed the old Zulu, Cetewayo. Displaced and unused for a few years, Cetewayo languished on a buoy in Gosport waiting for a new owner. Unfortunately it was Humphrey Polson who put a deposit on Cetewayo, then persuaded the Campers staff to give him the keys and sailed off with his new love into the sunset. By chance the manager of the Gosport Campers yard was working in Pembroke Dock several months later where, he rounded a creek to find Cetewayo moored on a buoy. There followed a long legal battle in which Polson paid back increments to Brian Stuart, until he forced Mr. Polson to sell the vessel. Sifting through a copy of Yachting World, David Murrin saw Cetewayo for sale for £25,000, and was struck by her perfect and beautiful hull form. Two days later, David was under said hull with his brother, charmed by what was obviously a beautiful boat that, despite being in need of huge amount of work. Undeterred, the 26 year old purchased her and in a dramatic twist, had to pay off the outstanding mortgage to Brian Stuart and then enter into an agreement with Polson to put her back together, as the he owned the only classic boat yard on the river. Since then David has continuously optimised and upgraded Cetawayo into a highly competitive racer, winning many trophies within the Classic fleet as well as modern yachts on handicap. Cetawyo continues to turn heads with her beauty.

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