The Yachts

This register is of  Yachts that have been accepted by the Committee of the BCYC for membership of the club, as being 'Classic' Yachts. They include a wide variety of designers and builders, and extend from the Victorian era to modern times. All share a common Classic Heritage.

The definition of a Classic Yacht is subjective, but includes some of the most beautiful yachts ever built, Some have notable racing records, whilst others represent design milestones in the development of sailing yachts. Many have been rescued and lovingly restored.

The club is named the British Classic Yacht Club, and most of the yachts were built by the great British boatyards, However .European and American yachts of distinction are also welcome members.

The criteria for membership generally include:

• Hull material of wood or metal
• Design date of 1970 or before
• A minimum overhang rule

Usually the build date is before 1970 but some yachts have been accepted which have been built after this date, where the design criteria is in keeping with the spirit of tradition

The Yachts

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